Thursday, October 30, 2008


Every day there is a new question to be asked, a new problem just begging for a solution. Today that question is troubling, as most of mine about the future are: can I, as a creative, independent and semi-self-conscious individual, become a journalist? Never in my life have I wanted this. I've never liked people very much and, frankly, neither did they. Now I am faced with this dilemma, and it seems to be the only scenario: major in Journalism and become a journalist or major in English and become a teacher. Teaching? ME??? Oh no, what has happened to the world!
My purely fantastical option is to become a freelancer, start my own magazine or newspaper, and just shoot as high as I can, while walking dogs on the side. Forever it seems I have wanted to become a writer--but never did I imagine I would need to write all the time, and write well. I also wanted to be a singer. A Vet. A wildlife biologist. An ethologist. I want a love, a family, a career, and a life, in that order. I guess it's kind of backwards, but it's what I've come to believe is the only way to survive. Priorities have been shifted while others have simply been dropped. My mother, a lawyer, my father, the owner of a car lot.
Jobs involving work with other people never go right. We never get along. I get along with the customers, not the employees, I cater to the people behind the counter, not the ones I stand with. it might be an ego-thing. I'm jealous that they don't have to work where I am, I want them to be happy, so when I get out, maybe I'll be happy too.


evilstepmother said...

How about an education then "a love, a family, a career, and a life in that order"

Maybe the love, family, and life would be better if an education came first?

If you are willing to walk dogs until you can start your own business,you must not need many material possesions. Maybe what you do while finding love and starting a family is going to bore you in ten years. Maybe right now you CAN get by walking dogs.

An education only gives you a CHOICE. If you do not use your education for TEN YEARS that's fine. If you do use it to work at a publishing company or whatnot that's fine too.

In the long run (after love and family) if you go back to school it will be easier to transfer credits if you have a diploma. If you start your business instead at least you be as educated as the peole you hire.

Get the degree in whatever you are PASSIONATE about. Then DO what and everything you are passionate about. Regardless of weather or not a degree is required. Join the peace crp. Volunteer for a politcal campaign. Walk dogs. Train Dogs. Find love and family. Trust that your passion will lead you to a totally fulling career. Passion always does. Passion leads to AMAZING.

Sasierra said...
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