Sunday, June 28, 2009

Music blah

If you're ever in the mood to get happy, find this song on google: "People Should Smile More" by Newton Faulkner. It's got that easygoing reggae sound, like Jason Myraz music, "I'm Yours." Little of this spund of music seems to exist, considering keeps resetting after it goes through 20 or 30 songs. This music makes me calm rather than irritated or hyper.
I prefer singing to any other instrument (perhaps because I can't play any of them...) but people tell me I'm good, and I know that's true. Maybe I'm not a Christina Aguilara or Amy Evanescence, but I can win myself some free passes to roller palace! (And did.)
My favorite songs to sing loud are Evanescence, Merril Bainbridge, and random oldies. I LOVE Donna Summer "Last Dance" and "Hot Stuff." All right..."Bye bye bye!" is no longer on my list.

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Devi_Uchiha said...

Lol, when i wanna laugh i put on some weird al yankovic. :D