Friday, July 3, 2009

A day of puppies and cheese sticks and plenty of
back and
forth, back and

It is almost the fourth of July, and still I have nothing planned. There is this mental alarm clock in my head that screams: "Holiday! Do something! Hang out with friends!" But then I can't find anybody to hang with...I can't hang with Dan and Stephen because all they do is sit around and play board games...Sara can be tedious at times, and is most often with her boyfriend or at the Cape...and I don't talk to anyone else! (And Chris, my ex-kinda-still boyfriend doesn't like organized events AT ALL and probably wouldn't enjoy a day of barbecue and a night of fireworks, unless they were viewed from the privacy of his own bedroom.)

If I had my own house, I would be inviting in Carlene's dogs, sitting them, playing with them, no need for people, and writing while doing so.

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Devi_Uchiha said...

If you had your own house, i think if i was there i would try even harder to get a job and car than i could ever here. living with you would be worth doing anything for. Even if we have to have time away from each other every now and then. it still would be the best.