Friday, August 28, 2009

First Bar

My first night out at bars and drinking, and the one thing no one ever told me and I never really thought of was my problem. I had to pee. I had to pee like crazy! Hawaiian punch, pee. Water, pee. Tea, pee. Walking from Chinatown to Faneuil Hall, pee pee pee! I was going crazy with all these drinks and all that peeing!
I wore my favorite girl jeans with the purple Indian tank-top with the ripply design in front, and the straps that rounded in a quarter moon rather than a half, showing my bra straps off to the world in back. Wore sneakers, and glad for it. We had so much fun! Becca didn't dress up too much, but the boys were her friends--Dario, her best friend, then Corey, Tom and Bobby, lesser known friends. At first meet Dario struck me as quiet and made me slightly timid. Later I decided he was the most down-to-earth of the bunch, and likely the most intelligent.
Bobby Row drew my attention like a flea, hopping this way and that, drawing me to follow and watch, wanting to join in his jumpy antics, but not wanting to put myself--or anyone else--in danger the way he did. Hyper and talkative, but not very funny at first, simply because he found himself TOO funny. Short red hair, a matted red bear and mustache(?) Medium build. Drunk-walk. As the night wore on he drank more and more and more...more than I've ever seen ANYBODY drink...and he was so out of it. He talked to me very seriously, kept taking my hand and stroking it, and I looked in his eyes sadly, with a slight smile, a sad-for-him smile. He talked to me like Nick that half-slurred redneck-way they have, and I felt like he was lying to me. I don't think he was...but definitely sweet-talkin' me in his drunken stupor.
Tom was cool. He looked very normal, not an easy face to pick from the crowd, but pretty cute, with shortish hair and a lot of freckles and/or pimples. He seemed to read my mind. When he said the word "chick" he said excuse me, looked directly at me, and corrected himself. Later, he tried making me feel paranoid...and somehow he knew I was. How irritating to be so translucent! How naiive I am. At the car (Becca drove me to Rowley) he offered me the front seat, when only moments before, I had told her I'd be shocked if he didn't. He's one of the only guys I have EVER met with manners. They are few.
Corey seemed willing to dance at the bar, but I thought he was kidding when he asked me. Thin and tall, he reminded me of Eddy, that Jewish boy from my Dean's Book class. Apparently he's a sex fiend. Okay then...
Becca is usually very quiet. She seems to sit back and watch the others interact.
It was a good first-bar experience. I finished an entire glass of mudslide, and a third of a glass of Hawaiian punch. After the mudslide I was a little dizzy. But I balanced out and found my way home.

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