Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Blizzard

Safe and warm at my dad's house, waiting and watching the exciting storm as it builds up outside. I can't hear the wind though... and the snow gently patches itself to the window panes, with no viciousness. It's a little dis-heartening.

My dad has been out twice tonight, to plow our driveway and the car lot, and he plans on going again at 3 a.m. This storm is supposed to keep steady on through 6 p.m. tomorrow! My boyfriend's Phish concert is around 7 in Worcester, and so far has not yet been cancelled. Most stores plan on remaining closed till late tomorrow, or even until Tuesday.

Originally, Boston was cited as getting 12-18", etc.; that turned into "up to 20" and now 18+, I guess. Wind gusts of up to 60 mph. I want to go to Salisbury Beach like crazy, to watch those waves whip on shore and tear the banks down, but dad says he doesn't have enough gas in the truck to make it that far AND plow all night, and my car wouldn't make it out of the driveway... so maybe tomorrow or something. It is a little windy, I guess, but I have no fear for our electricity. The lights on the tree are blinking just as much today as they were yesterday, and the pellet stove is on full-blast.

There have been something like 1,200 cancellations at three of the major New York airports, and New Jersey has been pretty heavily snowed on as well--I think their inches-count was something like 26" (the prediction). Not sure though, I've been paying too much attention to the Boston map. That's all for now. I plan on tagging along on the 3 a.m. plowing expedition, so I will check back after that. Keep warm, be prepared!

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