Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Life

So it's a little weird knowing that my exes look at this blog on occasion. But it's also enlightening--at least there's a reason to keep it alive. I didn't think anyone was looking at it anymore. So here's a deal: if someone makes a comment by Christmas, then I promise to keep my blog updated weekly. But then I need to receive a comment at least every month. Grad school is no simple road, and I don't have time for this, but I'm trying to make time. Blog instead of watching "Jericho" sigh. I love Jericho.

My life:

Lesson plan for two CO 150 classes. Teach those classes. Grade assignments. Grade forums. Talk to students.

Graduate classes. Read 300+ pages a week (this is far less than what many others have to read--especially the literature majors). Write papers. Politics. Ugh. I hate politics.

Writing: Write every day. Fine, every other day, or sometimes, every two days. But write. Keep writing. Don't give up. Write nonfiction. Write about S & M. Write fiction. Submit to Circlet. Get published. Woot!

Reading. Read about teaching styles. Read about graduate school. Read for grad school. Read about literary journalism. Read erotica for that anthology I HAVE TO PUBLISH. Read what I want. Ha! Like there's time.

Real World. Pay bills. Write out checks to every utility: rent, electric, gas, water, internet. Writing checks makes it real. I feel like an adult. Food. Make big meals and eat the same thing all week. Too much money. Gas. Too much money. Friends...well, no time.

Colorado. Get mad about the lack of woods. Get mad about taxes. Mad about parking fees for every state park. Mad about the sun. Mad about the lack of weather. Mad that the bus system is a joke. Mad that I am mad about everything no matter where I live. Fulfillment.

Thinking. All of this requires thinking. Write some before bed. Turn the thinking off like a lamp. Kill it, destroy it, bury it underground so that it never sees the light of day.

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Devi_Uchiha said...

Here's your first comment, because someone out there still cares. If you write i will read, if you read i will listen, and if you act i will watch. remember when your writing falls on deaf ears, mine will remain available.